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2019-2020 Sports Booster's Program Book Ad Information

Dear Heritage Supporter, 

The Heritage Academy Athletic Program Book, which showcases our sports programs, is a key part of the Sports Boosters fundraising activity. The money we raise from the advertisements, both commercial and personal, in our program is critical to the Sports Boosters organization in terms of meeting our financial goals and commitments for the coming year.

In addition to providing financial support for the fundraising activity of the Sports Boosters organization, the money spent to promote businesses in our program is a good business investment. Each year we sell hundreds of programs providing significant exposure and support for businesses that place ads in our program.

If you have placed an ad in previous years, we sincerely thank you and ask you to please consider participating in our 2019-2020 Athletic Program Book. If you are considering participating for the first time and need additional information, please feel free to contact us.

In addition to the commercial advertisements listed in the program, many parents take this opportunity to place a personal ad, which offers support to their children as well as the school. If your child participates in ANY sport at Heritage, we hope you will consider placing a personal ad to say “good luck” or “we are proud of you.” Your child will be happy to see the personal recognition. Ads may be placed by any relative, friend, sibling, etc.

If you are an elementary or junior high parent, you may not be familiar with this opportunity. Families may purchase ad space in which they include a photo of their child along with wording which offers encouragement or best wishes for the coming season. Students love to have their own ad, and it also makes a great keepsake!

In order to place an ad, please complete the form on the back of this page and return it, along with your remittance, to Heritage Academy Sports Boosters, ATTN: Program Ads, 625 Magnolia Lane, Columbus, MS 39705 by Friday, July 19, 2019. Forms are also available in the high school office and on the school website. Since our first varsity home football game is August 23, we have only a short time to prepare the program. Please make your checks payable to HERITAGE ACADEMY SPORTS BOOSTERS.

We appreciate your support of Heritage Academy Athletics and our children!



Cheryl Maner
Mandy Hannon
(662)327-5272 (School)