Our faculty is central to Heritage Academy’s culture and is the driving force behind our academic program. With freedom to create curriculum and use a variety of learning styles, Heritage teachers build meaningful relations with students.

Like everything else at Heritage, our approach to academics is personal and all about balance. While we set the bar high, we provide students the support they need to reach and exceed expectations. We have created an environment where students work hard and love what they do. They become engaged learners who take risks, ask questions, think critically and communicate well.

Heritage is known for providing one of the finest, most rigorous academic programs in the area. Our alumni consistently tell us that college life was made easier because of their years at Heritage. Students leave Heritage equipped with the skills and confidence to become leaders in today’s 21st century global community.

In 2023, graduates were awarded over $3,000,000 in scholarships.

Heritage sends 100% of the student body to colleges and universities nationwide, including Ivy League schools, Military Academies, and other prestigious institutions of higher learning. Nine of ten Heritage students get into the first university of their choice.

All of our classes are college preparatory. In addition to our core courses, advanced courses, and electives, Heritage offers Honors,Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit courses. During the last five years, our ACT composite scores have been approximately 85% above the national average.

We offer an on-campus tutorial program that is available to any HA student before, during or after school designed to meet each students’ individual needs and promote a successful learning experience at Heritage.

The average class size is 18 students. Our student/teacher ratio is 16/1. Our talented faculty are experienced educators. Our faculty averages 15 years of teaching experience. 35% have advanced degrees.



Schedule Requirements

All students must be enrolled in an English, mathematics, science and social studies course each year and be taking five (5) academic classes. Total number of credits earned for graduation must be 22 or more.

Schedule Changes

The counselor and parents must approve any schedule change. If approved, a schedule change will be issued. 

Honors Program

Honors courses are more challenging for students than regular courses. Additional material and more in-depth assignments should be typical of honors courses.

The High School counselor has information on prerequisites for honors classes.

Students who are enrolled in honors/AP/ Dual Credit courses and do not make the required score to remain in said courses will not be allowed to re-enter at a later date without the headmaster’s permission.

All students taking an AP course are required to take the AP examination.

College Credit Opportunities

Heritage offers dual enrollment opportunities for students with local universities and community colleges on campus (English, Spanish, US History, and Biology). Courses taken off campus will be given elective credit, and may not be substituted for core academic classes. 

Details: Each semester seniors must be enrolled in a total of five (5) or more courses which must be taken on the Heritage Academy campus. 

A student who has earned four (4) credits in English, math, science or social studies prior to his/her senior academic year, may substitute an on-campus elective for that core requirement. However, a student must always be enrolled in five (5) courses whether on campus or otherwise, regardless of whether core requirements have been met.

College course grades will be listed on the transcript, but will not be calculated into the cumulative GPA. An off-campus class taken for Heritage elective credit must be a 3-hour course to be considered for elective credit. One-hour and two-hour courses will not be counted for credit.



College Preparatory Track I

Honors  Track II










Social Studies






Electives (Academic)



Fine Arts









*Foreign language must include two credits of the same language (for example, Spanish I and Spanish II).

College Admission

Tracks I and II will meet all major college requirements.

Minimum Requirements for Graduation

Twenty-two (22) units are required to graduate.

A student transferring to Heritage Academy during his/her senior year, who cannot reach the required number of 22 credits will be allowed to graduate with 20 units if all required courses have been passed.

ACT Test

All students are required to take the ACT to graduate. This test must be taken on or before the February testing date of a student’s senior year.

School Code for Students: 250-664

Heritage Academy Test Center Code: 202500


Heritage does not enroll part-time students. All students must take at least five academic subjects. Additionally, all students will take an English, math, science, and social studies course each year.

Parents are encouraged to talk with individual teachers, the counselor, or headmaster concerning any question they may have about their child or the school.

Grievance/Compliance Procedure

If a question or complaint arises which is related to lessons, classroom management, classroom interpersonal relationships, or disciplinary action the following procedure should be followed: 

  1. Schedule conference with teacher.
  2. Schedule conference with guidance counselor/or designee.
  3. Schedule conference with principal/head of school.
  4. Schedule conference with Executive Committee.
  5. Schedule conference with Board of Directors.

Report Cards

Unless otherwise noted in the school calendar, report cards are given to students by Thursday following each nine-week period. The counselors will notify parents if a student fails a course for the first or second semester so that arrangements can be made for make-up work.

Progress and attendance can always be tracked using Power School Parent Portal and Power School Mobile App.

Grading Standards

High School & Elementary

Grade Range
A 90-100
B 80-89
C 70-79
F Below 70

Heritage Academy’s Weighting System

Honors classes, including AP and dual credit classes, are weighted five (5) percent:

  • 90-100 = 5 points added
  • 80- 89 = 4 points added
  • 70- 79 = 3 points added
  • < 70 no points added

Students who receive a third and/or fourth credit in any foreign language will receive honors weighting in these classes. These do not have to be in the same foreign language as the first/second year credits.   Weight is only applied to classes receiving high school credit.

Honor Code

The Heritage Academy Honor code reinforces the basic ideas of honesty and integrity. Each Heritage student must be honest with himself and others, helping to create an atmosphere of mutual trust. Each member of the Heritage Academy community must be committed and supportive of the HA Honor Code for it to be an effective instrument in maintaining these ideals.

The Administration, Faculty, and Board of Heritage Academy expect the students to be people of personal integrity in all the activities of their lives. Regarding their personal honesty and their academic work, the students/parents/guardians are expected to know and understand these premises:


Cheating includes, but is not limited to the following: 

  • Plagiarism—using the words or ideas of another without giving credit
  • Giving or receiving assistance on work
  • Copying answers from another’s book, whether graded or not
  • Allowing another to copy from one’s work, whether graded or not
  • Correcting incorrect answers on graded daily work
  • Looking on another’s paper for answers
  • Looking on another’s paper to confirm an answer
  • Preparing a “cheat sheet” for use on an assignment
  • Discussing contents or formats of tests already taken
  • Looking in a teacher’s book for answers

Consequences of Cheating 

  • Any student found cheating will receive a zero on said work, automatic in-school suspension, and will be required to call his/her parents and inform them of this penalty.
  • Any student found cheating will be excluded from Academy Honors and Honor Roll for that 9 week period.
  • In addition, this infraction will be so noted in the student’s personal file and will exclude him/her for a period of one year from honors such as SGA membership, class officer, Beta Club, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Quill and Scroll, etc.
  • A second cheating incident will permanently exclude him/her from these honors.
  • Students will sign a sworn statement on every major test or major work stating they did not cheat. 

Schedule Requirements 

All students must be enrolled in an English, mathematics, science and social studies course each year and be taking five (5) academic classes. 

ACT Test 

  • All students are required to take the ACT to graduate. This test must be taken on or before the February testing date of a student’s senior year.
  • Heritage will hold a student workshop for the ACT.
  • School Code for Students: 250-664
  • Heritage Academy Test Center Code: 202500

SAT Test 

SAT testing is encouraged, but not required. 

Class Rank, Valedictorian and Salutatorian 

  • Heritage Academy does not report class rank.
  • To be eligible for valedictorian or salutatorian a student must have attended Heritage Academy for four semesters, be enrolled in the honors program, and complete the highest course offered in the four (4) following subject areas: English, science, social studies, and mathematics. Where an AP and dual-credit option are available for the same subject the student may take the course of their choosing. 
  • Once a student is enrolled at Heritage Academy, only courses taken at HA will be used to determine GPA.
  • See school counselor for details on numerical computations.

Academy Honors/Honor Roll

To be listed on Academy Honors a student must have a 90 or higher in each course.
To be listed on the Honor Roll a student must have at least a 90 GPA and no grades below a B- (85).

Honor Societies 

Heritage Academy has six honor societies; MAIS Honor Society, Beta Club Honor Society, National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society, Quill & Scroll & Mu Alpha Theta. 

The national governing body of each society in addition to Heritage Academy requirements designates membership requirements.

See school counselor for details. 

Award Ceremonies 

Heritage Academy holds an Awards Day for students in grades 7-11 in May of each school year to recognize students for their academic achievements.
Seniors are honored with academic awards at Senior Class Day.


Exam Exemption

Students can only be exempt from second semester exams.

Grades 7-11

90 or above yearly average
88 or above yearly average and with no more than two (2) yearly absences in class being considered for exemption

Grade 12

90 or above yearly average 
85 or above yearly average and with no more than two (2) yearly absences in class being considered for exemption
may be exempt from 1st semester exam if it is a one semester course

Test Day Schedule

Monday        Electives and Science

Tuesday       Social Studies/English

Wednesday   Math/Electives

Thursday      Science/History

Friday           English/Math