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Welcome to Heritage Academy Patriot Sports Boosters!   

We are a group of parent volunteers dedicated to ensuring the excellence of Heritage Academy Athletics through service and fundraising. We are passionate as we know athletics is very important in the formation of our children and teaches them life lessons through leadership, sportsmanship, and team work.

How does Sports Boosters support the Athletic Department?

Support Through Membership:  The Sports Boosters is the membership organization which support Patriot athletics, all athletes and all our athletic venues.  Membership in the Sports Boosters is open to anyone with an interest in Patriot Athletics.  All Patriot families are welcome to join, even if your child is too young to participate, your membership now strengthens the program that awaits your child in the future. 

Service:  Sports Boosters is responsible for coordinating many of the activities that fall under the Athletic Department. This includes "Meet the Patriots" night, concessions, helping with game day operations, Fall and Spring Sports Program, fundraisers, etc.  

Fundraising: We fundraise through both family and corporate donations. We encourage every family to support Patriot Athletics by becoming a member of the Patriot Sports Boosters at some level. Membership is very affordable and we offer great experiences at some of the higher levels.  Heritage Academy is known to be loyal to the companies who support us so we ask that you continue to patronize those companies that become corporate members of Sports Boosters. 

Recent Support to Patriot Athletics:  Sports Boosters works closely with the Athletic Department and the Administration of the school to prioritize and fund long-range projects that have a lasting impact on the school.  Four years ago, we completed the expansion of the High School gym.  Past major capital investment projects have also included the baseball building facility and the weightlifting building. We also provide funds to assist the general athletic budget of the school and fund two college scholarships. 

How Can You Help?

1.  We encourage every family to join Sports Boosters . Our goal is 100% participation.  

2.  Join our roster of volunteers. We need help with game day operations, concessions, etc.

3.  If you own a company that could benefit from getting in front of the Patriot community, please consider joining Sports Boosters as a Corporate member. If you know of a company that would benefit from advertising to the Patriot Community, introduce them to us.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any other officer or Sports Booster Board Member. We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to a great year in Patriot sports!

Louis Sharp, Sports Boosters President