MAIS STEM Robotics Competition

MAIS STEM Robotics Competition

March 2020

Heritage Academy Elementary 6th Grader recently participated in the 1st annual MAIS STEM/Robotics competition in conjunction with Mississippi Robotics. We are so proud of every 6th grade participate and how hard they worked building their robots. 

Mrs. Tracy Britt, STEM Instructor, shared the many awards her students won in this exciting competition. Congratulations to Mrs. Britt and students! What an outstanding achievement.

Team Members: Abby Edwards, Arthur Dawson, McKinley Brents, Vansh Patel, Gus King, Jordan McElveen, Jace Richardson, Brax Johnson, William Golden, Brandon Turner, Sam Starks, Wyatt Hulsey 

1st Place Overall Top Points

Top Student Overall-Vansh Patel

Overall and 1st Place in Mystery Event


6th-8th Age group

1st place Math- Arthur Dawson

3rd place Math- Vansh Patel


3rd place Science—Tie Brax Johnson and Abby Edwards

4th place Science— Tie Gus King and Wyatt Hulsey


1st place Maze— Tie Brandon Turner and Vansh Patel

2nd place— William Golden

3rd place—- Arthur Dawson

4th place—— Brax Johnson


1st place Virtual Reality Game—-Brandon Turner

2nd Place VR — Tie William Golden, McKinley Brents, Wyatt Hulsey

3rd place VR--Arthur Dawson

4th place VR—-Vansh Patel