Heritage Academy
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Cindy Adair
Board Member Email Cindy Adair
Allyson Amos
Instructor Email Allyson Amos
Susan Baird
Elementary Instructor Email Susan Baird
Chris Ball
Athletic Staff Email Chris Ball
Heather Barnes
Instructor Email Heather Barnes
Nicole Bateman
Business Office Email Nicole Bateman
Harrison Bennett
Instructor Email Harrison Bennett
Karen Bowers
Elementary Instructor Email Karen Bowers
Jennifer Brady
Director of Development Email Jennifer Brady
Bruce Branch
Athletic Staff Email Bruce Branch
Ellen Brumley
GATE Coordinator Email Ellen  Brumley
Toni Caldwell
Instructor Email Toni Caldwell
Greg Carlyle
Headmaster Email Greg Carlyle
Cindy Cline
Instructor Email Cindy Cline
Ryan Deer
Athletic Staff Email Ryan Deer
Jenna Denton
Instructor Email Jenna Denton
Sally Edwards
Elementary Instructor Email Sally Edwards
Kay Ellis
Elementary Librarian Email Kay Ellis
JeanAnn Evans
Elementary Instructor Email JeanAnn Evans
Marilyn Fields
Elementary Music Email Marilyn Fields
Douglas Ford
Board Attorney Email Douglas Ford
Todd Gale
Board President Email Todd Gale
Sue Gentry
Office Manager Email Sue  Gentry
Velma Gore
Instructor Email Velma Gore
Cassie Griffin
Network Systems Administrator Email Cassie Griffin
E.J. Griffis
CAFB Liaison Email E.J. Griffis
Trip Hairston
Board Member Email Trip Hairston
Heather Hanes
Instructor Email Heather Hanes
Mandy Hannon
Office Staff Email Mandy Hannon
Kirk Hardy
Board Treasurer Email Kirk Hardy
Vicki Hardy
Elementary Instructor Email Vicki Hardy
Yandell Harris
Athletic Staff and Instructor Email Yandell Harris
Brittney Harrison
Elementary Secretary Email Brittney Harrison
Sean Harrison
Athletic Director & Head Football Coach Email Sean Harrison
Lauren Huntsman
Elementary Instructor Email Lauren Huntsman
Janice Jordan
Elementary Instructor Email Janice Jordan
Allison Kizer
Board Member Email Allison Kizer
Jamie Laws
Board Member Email Jamie Laws
Janet Lewis
Coordinator of Instructional Technology & Marketing Email Janet Lewis
Beth Lucas
Director of Admissions Email Beth Lucas
Tommie Mack
Assistant Teacher Email Tommie Mack
Teri Martin
Instructor Email Teri Martin
Julie Moore
Elementary Instructor Email Julie Moore
Lisa Naugher
Elementary Instructor Email Lisa Naugher
Pat Perdue
Instructor Email Pat Perdue
Brenda Polk
Instructor Email Brenda Polk
Pam Pugh
Elementary Instructor Email Pam Pugh
Lori Rogers
Elementary Instructor Email Lori Rogers
Gayla Rye
Elementary Instructor Email Gayla Rye
Karen Sergent
Visual & Media Arts Instructor Email Karen Sergent
Amanda Shelton
Guidance Counselor Email Amanda Shelton
Deb Shelton
Instructor Email Deb Shelton
Pam Short
Elementary Instructor Email Pam Short
Linda Simpson
Instructor Email Linda Simpson
Lynne Sneed
Instructor / Media Center Email Lynne Sneed
Rory Sneed
Board Member Email Rory Sneed
Belinda Spann
Elementary Instructor Email Belinda Spann
Morgan Turnipseed
Elementary Instructor Email Morgan Turnipseed
Sean Turnipseed
Instructor Email Sean Turnipseed
Denise Walters
Instructor Email Denise Walters
Cynthia Wamble
Elementary Principal Email Cynthia Wamble
Russ Whiteside
Instructor / Athletic Staff Email Russ Whiteside
Michelle Whittle
Board Member Email Michelle Whittle
Toni Wise
Instructor Email Toni Wise