2018 Sports Boosters Fall Fundraiser 

Our Sports Boosters program at Heritage Academy is sponsoring a raffle  for our  annual Fall Prize-A-Day Giveaway. We are hoping to make this year’s raffle even more successful than last year!

Raffle tickets are $50 each and are available through all students or in the high school office at anytime through October 31. Winning tickets go back in the drawing each day, so you have the chance to win multiple prizes.

Sports Boosters is a vital component to the Heritage Academy  as it helps financially support the needs of all athletic programs and the needs of our students at HA. Please show your support for Sports Boosters by purchasing tickets for the raffle.

If you would like more information regarding, please contact Louis Sharp at 574-3566 or lsharp@actionautoms.com.

Louis Sharp, Sports Booster President

Printable Prize Calendar

October 2018

Raffle Winners

Early Bird Winner: 

Grand Prize Winners:

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