High School Curriculum 2020-2021
(Grades 9-12)

English 9 (Honors & College Prep)

English 10 (Honors & College Prep)

English 11 (Honors & College Prep)

English 12 (AP/dual-credit, Honors & College Prep)

Biology I (Honors & College Prep)

Chemistry (Honors & College Prep)

Chemistry II

Human Anatomy & Physiology

Honors Physics

Environmental Science

Dual Credit Biology

STEM Entreneurship

Algebra I (Honors & College Prep)

Geometry (Honors & College Prep)

Algebra II (Honors & College Prep)

Algebra III/Trig

Honors Pre-Calculus


World Geography

World History

US History 

American Government & Economics 

Accounting (Grades 10-12 only, Full Credit)

Visual Arts

Advanced Visual Arts 

Graphic Design

Computer Applications (full year credit only)

Applied Technology

Latin I

Latin II

Latin III

Spanish I

Spanish II

Dual Credit Spanish I/II

Psychology/Sociology (1/2 credit each - full credit total)

Health/Wellness (1/2 credit each - full credit total)


HS Girls & Boys Athletics

Seniors only:

Career Exploration (1/2 Credit Seniors Only)

Literature in the Cinema

 Dual Credit Course:

Most popular dual credit courses: Composition I & II, Biology, and Calculus